What Is Design-Build?

You’ve heard it, you’ve seen it…but do you know what it is? Design-build is a more modern method of completing a construction project. It is a streamlined, more efficient process of operation and communication.

The reason design-build simplifies the job is because it provides one point of contact throughout the project rather than multiple entities to communicate with, as with traditional methods of construction. The design-build company provides both the design and the build teams, who work in conjunction with one another, utilizing one contract and one source of responsibility. As a result there is less confusion and a better flow of communication between the project owner and the project manager.

Keeping the project owner in mind, the design-build model saves money and time, and provides a more efficient work process. In doing this it also produces higher quality work and a faster delivery of the completed project. Additionally with design-build, there are fewer chances for change to occur throughout the job because of the interaction between the architect and contractor, which means less administrative work and more focus on the project.

If you’re thinking about remodeling or building, research both the traditional and the design-build methods to see what might be a better fit for you. Once you’ve done some research and have chosen the right construction method for you, you can then move on to hiring a contractor. Keep in mind that no matter what method you choose, you’ll want a contractor who listens to your requests, is professional, and is trustworthy.

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