Houzz for Homeowners

Introducing Houzz! It’s a fun, informational, collaborative website for all your home decorating and designing needs. This website has information from landscaping ideas to budget tips to listings of home improvement professionals in your area. The idea behind Houzz is to provide a way for homeowners and home improvement professionals to communicate with each other […]

What Is Design-Build?

You’ve heard it, you’ve seen it…but do you know what it is? Design-build is a more modern method of completing a construction project. It is a streamlined, more efficient process of operation and communication. The reason design-build simplifies the job is because it provides one point of contact throughout the project rather than multiple entities […]

What To Expect When You’re Expecting…The Remodeling Edition, part 3

Two Phases, One Project…Start To Finish At this point of your project you should have completed Phase I and selected a contractor. Now comes Phase II…what to expect during the working phase of the project. Both Phase I & Phase II are processes that when put together have proven to create a successful remodeling project […]

What To Expect When You’re Expecting…The Remodeling Edition, part 2

Hiring A Contractor: 101 Finding the right contractor for your remodeling project is important. This is your project so you want someone who will work with you, listen to your requests, and do quality work. The following guideline offers some tips on how to find a contractor that will achieve the end result you desire: […]

What To Expect When You’re Expecting…The Remodeling Edition

What You Should Know First… Congratulations, you’ve decided to remodel your home! You’re on your way…you’ve made your first major decision in the process. Remodeling your home has many phases to it, and can be stressful and complicated at times. In order to get through your major project successfully, you’ll need to understand each phase […]

Tips To Finding A Good Remediation Company

The subject of mold can be a touchy one. It is dangerously harmful to your health, and if visible, usually indicates there is more mold hiding and growing elsewhere. It is generally caused by moisture and mostly found in basements, behind walls, in bathrooms, or even beneath floors. In order to get rid of the […]

In Case of Emergency

Unfortunately emergencies do happen in your home when you’re least expecting it. In order to avoid being totally blindsided, make an In Case of Emergency (ICE) contact list now, in case the unexpected happens to you in the future. It’s a good idea to not only keep a copy of the emergency list for your […]

I Have Water Damage…Will My Insurance Help?

The realization that you have water damage can be a frightening moment. Before you panic, check out our blog, Help… I Have Water Damage!, and then explore the world of insurance with us for a moment. There are two types of insurance policies that have to do with water. One is Flood Insurance and the […]

Help…I Have Water Damage!

Having water damage in your home can be overwhelming and frustrating. Unfortunately it can occur anytime, anywhere, without any warning, especially in the winter and spring, due to ice, frozen pipes, or melting snow. If you find that you do have water damage, you’ll need to take immediate action. We’ve provided some tips to help […]

Ward Off Winter Water Damage From Frozen Pipes

Water damage in the winter doesn’t sound like too big of a deal because all the water is frozen, right? Not exactly… Weather.com simply illustrated how frozen pipes work. Take a can of soda. If you’ve ever put a can in the freezer to chill and then forgotten about it, when you finally remembered and […]

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