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I Have Water Damage…Will My Insurance Help?

The realization that you have water damage can be a frightening moment. Before you panic, check out our blog, Help… I Have Water Damage!, and then explore the world of insurance with us for a moment. There are two types of insurance policies that have to do with water. One is Flood Insurance and the […]

Help…I Have Water Damage!

Having water damage in your home can be overwhelming and frustrating. Unfortunately it can occur anytime, anywhere, without any warning, especially in the winter and spring, due to ice, frozen pipes, or melting snow. If you find that you do have water damage, you’ll need to take immediate action. We’ve provided some tips to help […]

Ward Off Winter Water Damage From Frozen Pipes

Water damage in the winter doesn’t sound like too big of a deal because all the water is frozen, right? Not exactly… simply illustrated how frozen pipes work. Take a can of soda. If you’ve ever put a can in the freezer to chill and then forgotten about it, when you finally remembered and […]

How To Conquer Ice Dams

Winter can be fun, beautiful, and loaded with memories, but it can also create stress and anxiety when it comes to withstanding the harsh climate it brings with it. We’ve discussed some ideas on how to prevent ice dams before they occur, but what do you do if ice accumulates on your roof and gutters? […]


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