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We focus on quality remodeling projects and local residential construction. For more than 25 years, area residents have come to know the Mercer name as a symbol of quality and expertise in remodeling and woodworking. Although Ferris Wheel, Inc.—doing business as Mercer Home Solutions—has been incorporated for just over 8 years, the Mercer tradition began many years ago with Mark Mercer using his tools and his skills to help area homeowners with their remodeling projects. Over time, Mark’s reputation for fine quality craftsmanship and materials have set him apart from every other remodeler in the business . . . mostly because he cares and listens to his clients.

Mercer Home Solutions was founded on integrity and quality, and all of our construction projects embody these values. We work with an extensive network of skilled architects and specialized tradespeople who share the founder’s high standards and project loyalty.

Our remodeling trade has become as much a skill as an art. Our residential remodels combine the best of beauty and function. From sophisticated kitchen and bath remodels to an addition of new living space onto your existing home, we create spaces you can enjoy for years to come.

Your Concerns Are Our Concerns

We understand that remodeling can be both an exciting and a stressful endeavor, and we share your concerns. Together, we’ll map out a budget and a project calendar—and then we’ll stick to them! We don’t overbook projects, so you are guaranteed reliable, attentive service. We’ll always keep you informed and “in the loop.”

Our comprehensive remodeling process is designed to make things easy on YOU. If we can’t help you with something, we’ll find someone who can. And we’ll always be working with the end result in mind. We understand that homeowners might be glad to see us start a project, but they’re even happier when we finish.

A Shared Process

Remodeling is a collaborative process between a contractor and homeowner. Whether you know exactly what you want or aren’t quite sure where to start, we can help. Together we’ll assess your project’s needs and come up with a plan that fits both your home and your lifestyle.

Discover how we can help make your vision a reality.

Most of our business is by word of mouth. We’d love to give you the names and telephone numbers of past clients so you can get a first-hand account of the quality of our work. As Mark likes to say, “We’re only as good as our reputation.” And our reputation speaks for itself.

You Can Trust Your Family’s Home to Mercer Home Solutions.

How Does It Work?

Mercer Home Solutions remodels kitchens, baths, basements, decks, and interiors. We also provide general contracting services. As a full-service Design/Build remodeling company, we provide electrical, plumbing, plastering, masonry, tile, and painting services. We provide one-to-one communications on a daily basis with you as the home owner. We have a systematic team approach for every project. Your project is managed and overseen by the owner, Mark Mercer. In addition, any subcontractors that are selected by Mercer Home Solutions are considered the best at what they do.

Mercer Home Solutions takes great pride in completing projects on time and within budget. Part of what makes us so unique is that we manage projects on-site and stand behind any subcontractors who are brought in. Mercer Home Solutions typically provides a fixed-bid price that clearly defines the scope of work to be performed, with payment milestones specific to your project. Any increase in project cost during the project would be discussed, agreed upon, and considered scope change.

Communications is the number one priority for Mercer Home Solutions. We guarantee that if there is a problem, our customer can rest assured that they only need to make one phone call, and their problem will be resolved. What Mercer Home Solutions strives for at the end of every project is a referral from you to your family, friends, and colleagues. If you cannot refer us, then we have failed to meet our goal for 100% customer satisfaction.

We at Mercer Home Solutions want to instill a high level of trust into YOUR home improvement projects.

About Our Logo

The Mercer Home Solutions logo was created to represent fine old world craftsmanship. The scallop motif dates back to ancient times, and to the medieval era with associations to pilgrimmage. It has a long history in the arts of heraldry, architecture, furnishings, and the decorative arts. As such, it has been a prominent motif in New England architecture and craftsmanship since the earliest settlement of Europeans in this area. Drawing upon this tradition, Mercer Home Solutions has adapted an early 19th century rendition of this emblem as an expression of our mission to create, maintain, and preserve the finest in old world craftsmanship, today in the 21st century.

Give us a call, or contact us now to discuss your home improvement needs!

Acknowledgements / Words of Thanks from Mark Mercer

The following are people I would like to thank for my successes.

Earl Duesel, E.R. Duesel Builder — Thank you for all your help when I first started in this business. Your willingness to share your business methods and techniques was a huge help. Also, thank you for the customers you referred to me, which helped launch my business.

Dick Mercer, Fine Line Woodworking — Thank you for your insight and experience, and for taking the time to answer questions and to explain a better way to do things.

Robert (Skip) Savoia, The Roberts Group Inc. — Thank you for always believing in me. The opportunities that I have today are from working with you. Thank you for our partnership, but more importantly for our friendship!

Kate Hyland Mercer, Business Concepts Inc. — Thank you for your patience and positive attitude. My business is what it is today because of you. Your coaching skills, experience, and techniques set you apart from all others. I am blessed to have you as my wife, coach, and best friend.

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